1. Locusts
    Áine O'Dwyer

  2. Gegenschein
    Áine O'Dwyer

  3. Nocturnal Pools
    Ovis Aurum

  4. Burren Mount
    The Cube of Unknowing

  5. Clusters
    Gavin Prior

  6. Aqueous Ammonia
    Takahiro Mukai

  7. Not a Room
    Siorai Geimhreadh

  8. Changing Tenses
    George Worrall

  9. L'au-delà
    Delphine Dora

  10. Non-accidents, 2014
    Jon Collin

  11. P!!ggz
    Whirling Hall of Knives

  12. Mazikeen Scheme
    Blood Room

  13. Kol Kas
    Arma & Refusenik

  14. Chigwe
    German Army

  15. Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child
    Claire Potter & Bridget Hayden

  16. By

  17. ...Meet the Dervishes of Khartoum in a Confluence-of-the-Nile
    The Restless Dead & Bird People

  18. Fractura de Miramientos

  19. Surf e Performance

  20. Dymensu

  21. Burn
    Control Unit

  22. Spells from the Ice Age
    Amanda Feery

  23. Veins of the Earth
    The State Pathologist Dr. John Harbison

  24. Dimly Lit
    González & Steenkiste

  25. The Fathers
    The Fathers

  26. Long Streak of Misery
    Wreck of the Hesperus

  27. Meadow Mechanicals
    Astral Social Club

  28. Outer Raidio
    The Last Sound

  29. Morthwork

  30. Soon

  31. Baldruin & das Ensemble der zittrigen Glieder
    Baldruin & das Ensemble der zittrigen Glieder

  32. Out of Body Experience

  33. Arbour
    Sikora / O'Hara / Lacey

  34. WHOK Lab Emissions Vol. I
    Whirling Hall of Knives

  35. Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music

  36. Inner Cosmos
    Modulator ESP

  37. Kozmische
    Romannis Mötte

  38. The Ghastliere Morrowe

  39. Ordnance / Spermicidal
    Ordnance / Spermicidal

  40. Rodorlihtung
    Richard Moult

  41. Vigil for the Snail Lovers
    Lingua Fungi

  42. Heartwarming Tales from the Good Book

  43. Terminal Eulogy
    Wreck of the Hesperus

  44. This is a Death Dream
    Naythen Wilson

  45. Music for Church Cleaners
    Áine O'Dwyer


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